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The choice of diamond beneficiation plant
2014/5/17 14:50:39

The choice of diamond beneficiation plant

Diamond beneficiation with many different method, that’s depending on the specific of diamond raw condition.The main factor affecting the benefit plant, the raw ore characteristics and properties, raw ore mudding performance in crushing and grinding operation, the content and economic value of the minerals, the plant size and concentrate purity requirements.

For the placer diamond, caused don’t need crushing, the primary concentrate processing is simple, usually use the washing plant and gravity plant, sometimes combined with the jig separation machine.

About the rock diamond ore is more complex. At first, must separate the diamond from the rock, and during the separation process must protect the diamond particle complete without broke, so will operate by multi-stage crushing processing to separate the diamond particle as soon as possible. The primary process like as the placer diamond, main use the gravity plant.

After the primary beneficiation processing, the diamond ore also with others heavy minerals, so must be concentrate again. Our factory is special in gravity concentrate plant equipments. As the diamond gravity concentrate, we can supply our trommel washing machine or screen machine to wash it, after the washing part, the diamond ore with water use our gravity equipments, like as the spiral chute, jig separator or shaking table to concentrate it. The gravity equipments will remove most of heavy minerals like as iron, gold, silver etc. 

We have one of customer that in South Africa, they use the trommel washing machine and jig separator to concentrate the diamond. Our factory can design the best diamond concentrate plant. On the attached photo, that you can see our diamond beneficiation plant. Except diamond, we also professional in gold concentrate plant manufacture.